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The sun and soil

Everyone in Strekov loves wine. The sun, water and earth love it, too.
Everyone likes to highlight the excellence of their work and they are basically right. We could hardly find two identical wines even from neighbouring vintners. We believe that it is the love of this craft that makes a good wine special. However, there are other conditions that have a considerable impact. And they make Strekov the ideal place for the dedication to wine making.
We are located in the so-called golden vineyard section - in the place with extremely favourable conditions for growing vines.

Statistically we have the highest number of sunny days a year. We enjoy this privilege immensely because the lack of the sunshine has no substitute. The sun simply likes it here.

Mother Earth is no worse in taking care of our region. The soil contains everything you need for growing vines in the top form.
The surrounding forests and ponds together with the nearby Danube create macroclimate which gives the wine an unmistakable character.

Summer air here is saturated with the smell of corn, apricots, peaches and plums. During the Indian summer you can see the haze from the nearby Parisian marshes.
We are convinced that you can taste all of this in our wine.
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They almost fell into oblivion, now they make the wine lists look impressive.
Thanks to the old winemaking tradition we can do what we love- revitalize the lesser-known, forgotten varieties that have been bred in special conditions of Strekov region. They can fully exploit its potential and transform it into a unique experience of flavours, aromas and colours. Moreover, we are glad that we can contribute to preserving our cultural heritage, spirit and traditions of this unique region.
It is a great honour and pleasure that we can offer such special varieties as Milia, Noria and Svojsen. Some of them have already been awarded prizes and won some titles.
Milia is a hybrid of Müller-Thurgau and Red Traminer. It is typical for a subtle aroma, it is spicy, extractive, with pleasant mild acids.
Noria is a hybrid of Rhine Riesling and Semillon. It is typical for its freshness and distinctive varietal character.
Svojsen is a cross of Pinot Gris, Leanka and Rhine Riesling. This variety is the dream of every vintner, it has its unique magic in the deep perception and the aroma of oranges.
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Region specification

Only once you get to know this region well, you can fully enjoy our wine.
You cannot fully enjoy our wine without getting to know this amazing region. It is the warmest part of Slovakia with a friendly atmosphere and the temperament of our southern neighbour. People here are very cheerful and hospitable; you are always welcome with open arms wherever you come.
The region has many thermal springs which gave rise to spas and swimming-pools with everything that goes with it. Let yourself be pampered, enjoy the spa procedures, or just wallow lazily in the mud bath.
For the lovers of water sports and romantic fishing the Danube with its picturesque coves offers perfect conditions of which other regions can only dream of.
Nor landsmen on wheels come short- in addition to the local bike trails in the beautiful countryside, the legendary Danube route from Passau to the Black Sea passes through the region.
Thanks to the flat terrain of the region there are great golf courses that are rapidly gaining their regulars- even form abroad.
It is not a coincidence that so many good things have combined here- pleasant climate, friendly locals, beautiful scenery with rich opportunities for recreation and sports. And even a glass of wine tastes so well here. Well, who could resist?
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