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You can make great wine only if you love it.
It's the kind of work that can be done well only if you love it. We want to create something so unique that not only us but each and every one will be proud of it. Everyone will be a part of it.

We have the best conditions to make unique wine. We have the highest number of sunny days in this country, our soil has a specific structure which gives the wine an unmistakable character. Hard working and diligent people with rich experience and wine-making tradition live here.

We make wine in the same location where the grapes are grown and that way we also promote this great region. We want to introduce previously unknown wine varietals that have been bred specifically for our conditions. In short, we want to share our love of wine so that we all can enjoy the beauty of this amazing region.
One of the greatest gifts in life is having the chance to do what fulfils you and what makes you happy. We live this dream. We are very thankful and we gladly share it with others. Everyone is welcome to the Strekov region. And if you cannot make it, open our bottle at home at least. You will certainly be able to taste our love of wine
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You will taste the depth of roots in every sip.
You can find us in the village Rúbaň in the area of contemporary mansion with a large woodland. We are a part of Strekov region, the southern wine growing region of Slovakia right in the heart of the Danube plain (Podunajska nizina).
We love it here and therefore, as one of the few, we based the wine making in the original place of grape growing. We believe that in the times of globalization and cheap imported wines this approach will find its fans. We hope that we have managed to transform our pride into the pleasant aromas of our wine. Go ahead and taste it!
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It is handwork that must be done with love.
You probably wouldn’t call a mom cuddling her baby a technology…that is why we prefer to call it love. And we express this love to our offsprings from the early childhood to the last sip.
After a thorough examination of maturing we determine the ideal time for the grape harvest. Of course we gather grapes carefully by hand, put them into small crates without pushing them. After a quick transfer to the winery a precise selection on a shaking table follows. Here we see how the berries already cannot wait to become our legendary wine. Next steps depend on the type of grapes:
After stemming white grapes are gently pressed. The grape must is defecated followed by fermentation. Ripening takes place in stainless tanks at low temperatures in order to keep the flavours and bouquet.
Red grapes are fermented in vinificators, where not only dyes but also tannins and aroma substances macerate at controlled fermentation. Maturation requires wooden barrels.
We make rosé wine from Cabernet Sauvignon. After gentle pressing it is fermented for a few hours so that the future wine gets its typical pink colour and also a whole range of wonderful flavours.
We combine the traditional methods of this ancient art with the latest technology. We continuously learn, experiment, but most importantly enjoy it.
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